Casio Watches Customer Service Number is provided for customers with regard to any issues or complaints that you have on Casio Products. Casio UK with its diverse portfolio of world class brands maintains a unique position in the global market. It is a global retailer specialized in design and marketing of fashion lifestyle and also accessory products. It provides services in wide range of fields in educational institutions in the form of Calculators and Electronic Dictionaries. It also provides Watches for customers which show an accurate time information anywhere in the world.
The other products include Digital Cameras, Musical Instruments, Label Products, Projectors, Mobile Technology, and Electronic Cash Registers.

Casio Watches Contact Details:

Customers can call up the Customer Care Number in regard to any issues or complaints regarding the products and you can also raise your complaint to the numbers provided below:
  •  Customer Service Number: 020 8452 7253. (Monday to Friday: 9am to 5.30pm).
  •  Watches General Enquiries Number: 020 8450 9131.
  •  Spare Parts and Accessories Number: 020 8208 9567.
  •  Digital Camera Customer Service Number: 020 8208 9447.
  •  Calculator and Printers Customer Care Number: 020 8208 7802.
  •  Musical Instruments Phone Number: 020 8208 7829.
  •  Technical Support Number: 020 8208 0881.

Casio Head Office Address UK

Unit 6,
1000, North Circular Road,
Casio Head Office Phone Number: 020 8450 9131.

For any other details or issues and for for finding products online, you can visit theWebsite and place your orders or alternatively call the numbers given above and you can also give your suggestions through Facebook which will be taken for improving the product quality.


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