Hauppauge Computer Works commonly referred as Haupaugge is an American based company that manufactures and markets PCs. The company was started in the year 1992 by Kenneth Aupperle and Kenneth Plotkin with its head office location in NewYork, USA. It is well known for its TV tuner cards for PCs.
It also offers the products like digital video editors, personal video recorders, digital media players, hybrid video recorders and digital television product for Mac and Windows. The company has sales and technical support offices across the countries such as Australia, UK, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Singapore and Sweden. It has 7  research and development centers in US, Taiwan and Germany.

Hauppauge Customer Support Australia

For any queries or for the support from the company, you can make use of the Contact Form so that the Customer Support people can call you back to solve your queries. You need to include all your details like Contact Number, Email Id, Address along with your suggestions. The screen shot of Contact Form is shown below for your reference.

For more details about the company products, kindly visit the company main Website


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