Hawking Technology, Inc was established in the year 1998 by an HP engineer. It is one of the leading manufacturer and marketer of connectivity solutions for home, workgroup and corporate users all over the world. They had around 20 years of experience in networking design and connectivity solutions. The company had won many awards and produces quality products that are easy to use, connect anyone and any where. With the state-of-the art , the company expands the network with unique product line that ensures maximum network’s potential for the customers globally.
The company strives hard to offer innovative and reliability products that enhance every day wireless experience. Hi-Gain Wireless Networking, Dual-Brand wireless, USB&Wired Devices, Outdoor wireless solutions, Print Servers, Cameras & Multimedia Devices etc are the products of the company.

Hawking Technology Customer Support Australia

For any queries on your products you can contact Hawing Technology Customer Care Australia  by filling the details given in the Contact Form where you have to include all details like Name, Email Id, Phone Number, Subject and Comments about the product and company service clearly in the Contact Form and the form is shown below for your reference.

For more information regarding the company products and service you can visit the mainWebsite


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