iHome is a Audio equipment company that produces headphones, docking stations and accessories for mobile devices.  The company was established in the year 2005.  With in the short period of time the company has been well popular for the  Audio products. It is No1 brand for iPod electronics and Clock Radio in terms of sales.The company offers huge range of products which includes Clock radios, Home audio systems, Portable speakers, Head Phones, alarm clocks etc.
The company has distribution networks in more than 70 countries globally. It has won many awards for its unique products and advanced featured technology. It had became one well recognized Audio brand that is advertised through national television, print, online and outer advertising campaigns.

iHome Customer Support Australia

For any technical support about the product, you can make use of the Technical Support Form and get your issue solved. Following screen shot gives you glance how the technical form looks like.
iHome  Company  Contact Us

For more details about products and its warranty, you can refer to the company mainWebsite.


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