KeyTronic is a Computer Peripherals Industry which was started in the year 1969 with its head office location in Spokane, WA. The company designs and develops computer equipment products such as Keyboards, mice and other input devices. It is one of the well recognized company in keyboard design which are based on 8048 microcontroller. The company operates products globally which include , Mexico, The United States and China. Key Tonics products are certified under IS0 9002 and ISO 14001, FCC, UL, CE and TUV In-House Certification.
The company has 48.6 million dollar revenue in the year 2007. Printers, Inkjets Printers, Thermal barcode printers, Carcode scanners, Thermal Receipt printers, keyboards, Media storage devices, Multi-media display, gaming device etc are the various types of products designed and supplied by company.

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