Magnavox is an Consumer Electronics Industry that was started in the year 1917 by Edwin Pridham and Peter L. Jensen. It had became one of the leading edge in consumer electronic products. The company manufactures and designs TVs, radios and record players. “Plasma panels”  is the first product manufactured for the military and computer application in the year 1960s.
“Odyssey”  is the world’s first in creating home video game console introduced in the year 1970s. The company was acquired by Philips as on year 1974. The main focus of the company is to cater the best quality products for the customers at valued price .It became one of the well recognized and trusted brand for customers all over the world.
With the cutting edge technology the company offers amplified phonography, color control systems, universal remote controls high fidelity audio, automatic tint, smart sound etc.
Magnavox Australia was  owned by Mistral Ltd , is an Hangkong company that sells audio equipment such as LCD TV, DVD Combo, Blue-ray Disc Player, VCR Combo, Home Theater System, Sound bar etc are the products designed and supplied by company.

Magnavox Contact Number Australia

If you have any technical issues with your products of the company, you can get in touch with Customer Support  Number as given below.
Customer Support Number: 1300 363 391(Australia)

For more details about products and its warranty, you can refer to the company Website


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