Saitek is one of the leading provider of the consumer electronics that was established in the year 1979 by Eric Wrinkler. It is a subsidiary of Mad Catz Interactive and deals with PC gaming controllers, mice, keyboards, etc. In 1994, the company acquired Hegner 7 Glaser and then expanded its operations into manufacturing of Pc peripherals and many other multimedia products. With its cutting edge technology, the company is aimed at launching the best quality products including high fidelity audio product line for PC and iPod. As of 1997, the saitek group began designing and developing electronic products under Electronics Management Services.
Proflight controllers, pro flight panels, pro flight sticks, flight sticks, pro flight rudder pedals and accessories are the different products offered by the company.

Saitek Contact Australia:

If you have any queries regarding the products offered by the company, kindly make use of the below mentioned Contact Numbers to get in touch with the Customer Service Team.
Phone Number: + 61 2 9533 3055
Email ID:

Head Office Address:

Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd
126 Bonds Road ,
NSW 2210,

For more details regarding the company products and services, kindly visit Saitek Website.


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