Seagate Technology was established in the year 1979 as a manufacturer of hard disc drives and storage products. It is an American based company which released its debut 5.25 inch hard disk drive ST-506 in 1980. The product was a hit which used Modified frequency modulation encoding, later the company released its advanced version 10 megabyte ST-412 which was used in IBM’s first personal computer. With the experience over the years by using the latest technology, the company has been releasing wide range of products that comprises of good quality and performance. In the year 2000 Segate incorporated in Grand cayman and in 2005 Segate acquired Mirra Inc. In 2006, the company announced first professional direct to disc digital professional video camera. Over the years the company has been successful in launching many latest products including new class of Ethernet drives with Segate Kinetic open storage platform.

Segate Contact Phone Number Australia

If you have any queries regarding the products or services offered by the company, kindly make use of the below mentioned Phone Numbers to get in touch with the Customer support Team.
Contact Number: 1800-14-7201 (Mon-Fri 10am to 7pm)

For more details about the company, kindly visit the company official website. Interested customers can use the Email Support option provided on the main website. To avail that service customers are requested to refer to the following link.


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