Slik is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality camera tripods with innovative designs. Slick Elevator Tripod Co., Ltd was established by Mr. Takatoshi Shirashi in 1956 and later the company was changed to Slick Tripod Co., Ltd. In 1977 Slik started selling the new model 88M tripod which received ‘Good Design award’ by MITI of Japan. Slik Tripod Sales Co., Ltd was merged with the Slik Tripod Co., Ltd and the company was renamed as Slik Corporation in the year 1989. The products offered by the Slik received many awards and by the introduction of the new alloy of Slik A.M.T in the legs, the company had become successful by marketing the Tripod model PRO 700DX and monopod model PRO 600. Later the company started producing Carbon Fiber Tripod model PRO 803CF, PRO 804CF and monopod models like PRO POD 380.

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