Vantec is one of the leading producer of Computer Accessories that was established in the year 1994 and its head office is located at Fremont, California. The company started operations as a manufacturer of CPU cooling fans for system integrators but later it expanded operations in producing AMD Processors. PC mods, Notebook accessories, Cooling products, Peripherals, storage Products are the diversified products offered by the company.
In the year 2002, the company launched TMP Tip-Magnetic driving CPU cooling fans, first computer Power supply unit and NXP-101 multi functional front panel. The company continued to produce the latest featured products and in 2007, the company had passed 1 million milestone in serving the customers with its best featured products. Now with its world wide distribution network, the company products have been supplied to many customers internationally.

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For more details regarding the products or services offered by the company like Vantec nexstar, nextar hx4r, nst-d100su, nexstar nst-d400s3 etc, kindly visit company officialwebsite.


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