XFX is a flagship company of the Pine Technology Holdings Limited which is a Hong Kong Based company. Currently it employs 1000 people all over the world with 16 branch offices along with four R&D centers in Asia Pacific and 2 factories in China.  The company is involved in manufacturing of products like Video cards, power supplies and mother boards are completely carried out by the XFX. It was established in the year 2002 and headquartered at Ontario, California. The company started its operations as manufacturer of Nvidia graphic cards but later it expanded to produce ATI graphic cards as well. With main focus on the innovation, the company designs, develops, manufactures and distributes high performance and best featured products.  As of 2009, the company replaced life time warranty with 2 years limited warranty on all its products.

XFX Customer Service Australia

If you have any queries regarding the products or services offered by the company, kindly make use of the below mentioned Contact Form to submit your query to the Customer Support Team. For reference here we are providing the snapshot of the Contact Form and to avail this service, customers are requested to refer to the following link.

For more details regarding the company products and services, kindly visit the company officialwebsite.


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