Xircom, Inc. was established in the year 1988 as a manufacturer of PCMCIA and flash card network solutions. Dirk Gates and Kirk Mathews are the founders of the company and currently it employs 2000 people around the world.  It is specialized in producing the memory cards, LAN adapters, modems and remote access server products. With the implementation of new techniques the company introduced 56k modems in the MiniPCI form factor in the year 1999 and even acquired Rex PC card organizer product line. In the year 2001, Intel acquired Xircom and took complete in charge of the Xircom products.

Xircom Customer Care Australia

If you have any queries regarding the company products and services, kindly make use of the below mentioned Contact form. For customers reference here we are providing the snapshot of the Contact Form.

Interested customers can even make use of the Email Address provided by the company in order to enquire about any of the company products or services.
Email ID: ProductEcology@intel.com

As Xircom was incorporated into Intel, customers are requested to visit the Intel Websiteto know more details about the company products and services.


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